We were born more than 30 years ago as an Italian travel services distribution company who still provides extensive hotel, transfer and local ground services all around the world via our multiple digital channels. But we are now as well a GCC Area based company to create a travel interexchange from Italy to Emirates, Quatar South Arabia, Egypt, and viceversa.
About Us
Hotel - Transfers - Excursions - Museums
Our inventory is selected by professional buyers who source our products to meet the needs of our international client base.
We link the world technically at high speed, offering the ability to connect your business globally.

Our products
Hotels, hotels and more hotels
WHL has a hotel to suit all of your customer needs — romantic weekend getaways, health spa resorts, city breaks, business trips or family holidays.
We partner with all categories — major chains, independent hotels and boutique properties. We deliver over 200,000 properties of which 30,000 are directly contracted.
Our intelligent technology links directly to our hotels, securing the best rates and availability possible in the Industry.

Transfers are us
WHL understands the importance of arriving safely and stress-free to your destination hotel.
We offer a wide variety of worldwide transfer services between airports, cities, and cruise ports. Options exist from economical local bus to luxurious private car transfers.
All transfers can be booked online in our retail site or connected directly using our API and technical feeds.
All the ground services you need
Once you have booked your hotel, we can offer a vast portfolio of excursions, attraction entrances, events, travel discount cards and event tickets in most destinations around the world.
Our ancillary portfolio allows you to create a complete itinerary for your clients at the point of booking, ensuring hassle free holiday planning.
Innovative XML / API
WHL offers the ability to connect your booking system or customer facing website directly to us, via our intuitive and extremely fast API.
This technological solution provides real-time access to our extensive inventory, allowing your system to dynamically package and sell our travel content.
With our stable and secure feed to over 200,000 properties worldwide, you can be confident that your customers will always find what they are looking for any time.
Why Choose Us?
Great expertise
Thirty years of travel services managment are the best warranty.
Direct contracts
We select hotels we want to be competitive on the market to win together
We offer travel services all over the world always with the best quality.
Hotel chains
Great partnerships for great deals together and for you.
Customer service
Always at your side.
The latest technology solutions to give quick and reliable results.
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